Monday, February 21, 2011

Toyota Tweets Truth

This past week, an interesting story began to circulate involving what are known as "mommy bloggers", Toyota, and Amazon gift cards. A popular blogger by the name of Crissy claimed that she recieved an offer via her blogs host site,, to tweet positive comments about the car brand in exchange for $10 dollar Amazon gift cards. This bribary attempt angered many mothers out there, as it should have. Blogger Crissy's response was anything but subtle and encouarges Toyota that if it truly wanted the promotion of its product by this particular demographic it needed to do much more than insulting them with a $10 dollar gift card. She included the hashtag #toyotafail, which started a storm of other comments to the company. Toyota quickly responded by making it clear that the company had nothing to do with this promotional "strategy" by tweeting “Have found no contract with affiliation with w/ mommynetworks. We don’t support this type of outreach. Getting to the bottom of this.”and cleverly included the #toyotafail hashtag. This quick and smart reaction shows that the company is commited to true and honest outreach to it's consumers and puts Toyota owners, like myself, and others at ease. I think they are sincere in showing that they are on top of the situation and have the consumers best interest in mind.

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  1. Wow. This is a crazy story! I hadn't heard about it at all. It's good that Toyota jumped on the bandwagon pretty fast to help clear their name. That could have been pretty bad for the company. However, this reminds me of stuff we discussed in class about whether or not we would promote for land rover if they reimbursed us. Goes to show anything can backfire. Good piece. I'm glad you covered this story - especially since it relates to class!

  2. Interesting blogpost! I always think everything is a conspiracy so hearing a story like this kinda reaffirms the idea that people just plant reviews because they are bribed to and not because they truly agree/believe in the product.